with LED
(Fully Assembled PCB)

Product Use

This 12 VDC Timer is especially developed for Automotive use.

When power at a typical automotive system voltage (10 VDC to 14.4 VDC) is applied to the 12 VDC Timer the Output is automatically set HI for pre-set time interval, and then goes LO (GND) for as long as the power is applied.

The 12 VDC Timer can be used to provide timing signal that is used for example to prime fuel pump when Ignition is switch on and before the engine is started, or to provide warning signal when seatbelt is not buckled.

The LED located on the PCB is ON when the Output Pin is HI (Vbb).

Output can be connected directly to Control Input of the 12 VDC Relay Driver,  which in turn can control other devices.


Timer with LED Assembled PCB



  1. Vbb 12 VDC +
  2. GND (Common System Ground)


  1. Vbb 12 VDC +
  2. OUT = Signal OUTPUT
  3. GND (Common System Ground)

Product Specifications

Power Supply Voltage (min/max) VBB 8 / 16 V
OUTPUT Load current (max) IL 1 mA
OUTPUT Signal Voltage (min/max) VOut VBB - 1.5 V DC
Power Consumption (LED) Pon 160 to 210 mW
Operating Temperature Ton 20 to 140
-6 to 60


US $6.50 each

Inquire for pricing and availability on purchases of 100 units or more

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