Relay Driver
with LED

Product Use

This 12 VDC Relay Driver is especially developed for Automotive use, allowing microcontroller to switch on common automotive relays with 12 VDC coils.

Command Signal of low current at low voltage (Typically 1 milliAmpere @ 3 V to 5 V DC) into the Relay Driver electronically switches ON a Higher current Load (up to 1A) at typical automotive system voltage (10 VDC to 14.4 VDC).

In constant ON applications it can carry up to 1 Ampere load, while in pulsed applications up to 2 Amperes may be switched ON momentarily.

The 12 VDC Relay Driver can be used to switch on automotive type relays, which can then control lights, fans, motors and other devices ON/OFF while keeping them isolated from the microcontroller.

The LED located by the OUTPUT connector is ON when the #3 Output Pin (To Relay 85-) is connected to Ground (GND).


Relay Driver with LED

Connection Diagram

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Relay Driver with LED connection diagram

Connector (J1/J3)

  1. Vbb 12 VDC +
  2. ON Command Signal 3.3 VDC to 5 VDC +
  3. GND (Common System Ground)

Connector (J2/J4)

  1. To Relay 86+ = Vbb 12 VDC +
  2. Not Used
  3. To Relay 85- = Relay ON (Switched to GND)

Product Specifications

Relay Coil source voltage (min/max) VDS 8 / 16 V
Relay Coil load current (max) IL 2 A
Command Signal Voltage (min/max) VC 3 / 6 V DC
Command Signal Voltage (recommended) VC 3.3 to 5 V DC
Power Consumption (LED) Pon 160 to 210 mW
Operating Temperature Ton 20 to 140
-6 to 60


US $10.50 each

Inquire for pricing and availability on purchases of 100 units or more

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