UniMag Filter Magnet Bands

UniMag™ Filter Magnet Bands These unique special magnetic products are available from MIROX Corporation can be used with Spin-On Motor Oil Filters, as well as in many other applications.


Product Description

The magnets used in UniMag™ are special formulation of Neodymium (the Rare Earth element), Iron, and Boron. These Patented Super Magnets are 10 times stronger than ordinary Ceramic magnets and do not lose their magnetic charge with time or when exposed to heat.

Each unit consists of several independent hard chromium coated magnets that are of opposite N/S orientation. Through its strong magnetic force UniMag™ attracts and removes from fluid flow ferromagnetic particles that are too small to be captured by conventional filter media.

Oil filters alone cannot trap these microscopic particles, because conventional cellulose oil filters are designed to capture particles in 60 to 20 micron range.

While some premium Oil Filters will filter down to 5 micron particle range, still particles smaller than 5 micron and as large as 10 micron will remain in circulation and can cause a secondary wear.

Also finely distributed iron particles of sub-micronic size do act as oxidation co-catalysts and will cause the oil to deteriorate at faster rate.

Magnet Deposits

Accumulated UniMag™ captured deposits INSIDE of Motor Oil Filter

UniMag™ traps all magnetic particles of any size against the interior sidewall of the filter, this in turn extends lubricant service life and reduces wear.

UniMag™ SUPER-STRONG magnets never wear out or lose their magnetic charge, therefore the unit itself is permanent, you will never need to purchase another.

When replacing Oil Filter, simply remove the units and install them onto a new filter.

UniMag™ magnet bands are available in various lengths to fit standard oil filter sizes, they can also be used on Fuel Filters, Coolant Filters on Heavy Duty Engines, Transmission Pans, Differential Covers, as well as in may other applications.

Currently available UniMag™ sizes and pricing:

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