NPN Epitaxial Darlington
60V 5A

Product Use

This Solid State Device is especially developed for Automotive use as high speed electronic switch.

In constant ON applications it can carry up to 5 Amperes, while in pulsed applications up to 10 Amperes may be switched momentarily.

Millions of these devices have been reliably used since November 2014 in following applications:


NPN Darlington

Product Specifications

NPN Darlington
P-TO220-3-1 Package
Collector−Emitter Voltage (max) VCEO 60 V
Collector−Base Voltage VCB 60 V
Continuous Collector current TC = 25 °C IC 5 A
Continuous Collector current TC = 100 °C IC 4 A
Pulsed Collector current TC = 25 °C IC 8 A
Power dissipation TC = 25 °C P 65 W
DC Current Gain hFE 2500
Emitter−Base Voltage VEB 5 V

Typical Circuit

NPN Switch Circuit Diagram


US $2.50 each

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