18V 200mA

Product Use

This Solid State Device is especially developed for Automotive use as high speed electronic 555 Timer replacement.

The IC package pin out is identical to the popular 555 Timer IC.

The OKA555 Timer can be used as a drop in replacement for NE555, KA555, SE555, LM555, NA555, SA555.

In constant ON applications it can carry up to 200 miliAmperes (Sink or Source).

Millions of these devices have been reliably used since September 2014 in following applications:


555 Timer IC

Product Specifications

555 Timer IC
PDIP-8 Package
P/N: IC 555
Supply voltage (max) VCC 18 V
Supply voltage (min) VCC 4.5 V
Supply current IS(on) 10 mA
Continuous Output current TC = 25 °C IOUT 225 mA
Continuous Output current TC = 100 °C IOUT 200 mA
Output-pulse rise time TC = 25 °C 100 ns
Output-pulse fall time TC = 25 °C 100 ns

Internal Circuit

555 Timer Circuit Diagram

IC Pin Configuration

555 Timer Pin Configuration


US $1.50 each

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