Fuel Injector Driver Module
(Fully Assembled Module)

Product Use

This 12 VDC Fuel Injector Driver Module is especially developed for Automotive use.

It is also used in OKA modular Fuel Injection System for Small Engines.

The 12 VDC Fuel Injector Driver Module is major component of the Electronic Fuel Injection System (EFI). It controls the opening and closing of solenoid type Fuel Injector to deliver the required volume of fuel.

When "Injector ON" control signal (+3 VDC to +5 VDC) is applied to the 12 VDC Fuel Injector Driver Module the Output is automatically turned ON through a high current Darlington Transistor, and then goes OFF when the signal is switched to Ground (0 VDC).

The 12 VDC Fuel Injector Driver Module is used to provide power signal Switched Ground (0 VDC), which is used  to switch ON the Fuel Injector for the duration of the control signal that is provided by the EFI Controller.

There is Status Indicator LED located on the Module:

Red LED is ON when the Module is operational.

The 12 VDC Fuel Injector Driver Module contains internal automatic power logic which limits the current flow after the initial Injector Opening. This not only reduces the power consumption but also allows for control of both HIGH and LOW resistance Injectors.


Module image coming soon


Module image coming soon


  1. Vbb = 12 VDC + Battery (connect through 20A fuse)  Brown/White
  2. Vcc = 5 VDC + Module Power  Red
  3. In (Injector ON Signal 3.3VDC +)  Green
  4. OUT = To Fuel Injector -  White
  5. GND (Common System Ground) Black

Product Specifications

Power Supply Voltage (min/max) VBB 8 / 18 V
OUTPUT Load current (max) IL 12 A
OUTPUT Signal Voltage (min/max) VOut VBB - 0.25 V DC
Power Consumption (ON) Pon 300 to 320 mW
Operating Temperature Ton  0 to 170
-18 to 76
Dimensions 108 x 53 x 30
Weight - Standard Module
Weight - HD Module


US $55.00 each - Standard Module

Standard Module is intended ONLY for installation on inside of the vehicle.
Standard Module is not suitable for high humidity or high vibration environment.
Fully potted HD Module, which is moisture and vibration proof is available for $75.00

Inquire for pricing and availability on purchases of 100 units or more


This Autotronic Module is used in OKA EFI System for Small Engines.

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