4.5 V to 24 V DC

Product Use

This Solid State Device produced in CMOS technology is especially developed for Automotive use as high speed electronic Hall Effect switch.

In constant ON applications it can carry up to 30 miliAmperes, while in pulsed applications up to 250 milliAmperes may be switched momentarily for less than 2 milliseconds.

All sensors include a temperature-compensated Hall plate, a comparator, and an open-drain output transistor. The comparator compares the actual magnetic flux through the Hall plate (Hall voltage) with the fixed reference values (switching points). Accordingly, the output transistor is switched on or off.

Millions of these devices have been reliably used since December 1999 in following applications:



Product Specifications

Power source voltage (max) VDS 24 V
Power source voltage (min) VDS(on) 4.5 V
Continuous Output current TC = 25 °C ID 30 mA
Continuous Output current TC = 100 °C ID 16 mA
Pulsed Output current TC = 25 °C ID 250 mA
Pulse Duration TC = 25 °C Pt >2 ms
Switching Frequency (min) f 0 Hz
Switching Frequency (max) f 20 kHz

Typical Circuit

Hall Effect Switch Circuit Diagram


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