Original Equipment for OKA NEV ZEV Cars

Delta-Q Charger

Charger shown on this page is available for all Model Years of OKA NEV ZEV Cars.

The QuiQ™ Series of Delta-Q HF/PFC Battery Chargers has been designed to provide reliable, quality charging for battery systems in electric drive vehicles.

These 1 kW units are available in 24, 36, 48, 72, 84, and 96 V-DC Nominal Output configurations.

This particular one, which is used as Standard Equipment in OKA NEV ZEV Vehicles is 48-volts unit.

Delta-Q Charger
Delta Q 48-volt Onboard OKA NEV ZEV Battery Charger

Universal Input

QuiQ is designed with a wide input voltage range from 85 – 265 VAC, making it an ideal choice for any worldwide application.

Power Factor Correction and 12A maximum current draw ensures the charger will work reliably from any power outlet in the world, even through utility surges and sags.

Standardizing on a single universal model reduces component count, saving vehicle manufacturing and service inventory management costs.

SAE J1772 Charging

This charger is already capable to utilize all Public and Private Charging stations that are designed to the SAE J1772 Standard.

All you need to make such charging possible is to Order the Optional SAE J1772 Inlet for your OKA NEV ZEV.

Click the link below to navigate to detailed web page.

SAE J1772 Option

Charge Algorithms

The QuiQ’s microprocessor controller can store up to 10 Delta-Q developed and fully optimized charge algorithms.

Delta-Q has designed algorithms for many types of batteries, and is constantly preparing algorithms for new battery types, sizes and chemistries.

OKA AUTO USA configures chargers with the most appropriate set of algorithms for each OKA NEV ZEV Vehicle application that is matched to the Traction Battery that is originally installed into the particular OKA NEV ZEV vehicle.

Rugged Design

QuiQ is built for onboard vehicle operation in harsh environments.

Its rugged, lightweight and intelligent design provides continuous operation in any application.

High efficiency power conversion allows the QuiQ to be delivered in a fully sealed enclosure, making it ideal for onboard applications in the dirtiest and wettest environments.

Reliability is increased by absence of any moving parts.

Reduced Operating Costs

The high-efficiency design and near unity Power Factor combine to make the QuiQ charger extremely grid-friendly.

Over 88% of power taken from the grid is converted to real power to charge the battery.

This not only saves users over 30% in raw electricity costs when compared to ferro-resonant chargers, but avoids Power Factor surcharges from utilities as well.

Regulatory Compliance

All Delta-Q chargers are UL and CE compliant and have passed stringent EMI, safety, vibration and water ingress protection (IP) tests.

QuiQ offers leading-edge efficiency, power factor correction and GFCI compatibility for safe and reliable operation.

Other Applications

You can order Delta-Q Chargers for other applications and other non OKA Vehicle applications.

Contact OKA AUTO USA for consultation, so we can select the proper charger for your specific needs.