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OKA RACE (Slalom)

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Standard Features

bulletFull Racing Roll Cage
bulletRacing Engine with Carburetor
bulletUses 92 Octane Gasoline
bulletLight Alloy Wheels
bulletRacing Steering Wheel

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Standard Racing Rollcage


Other Features (All versions)

Rack & Pinion steering gives a positive response with minimum of effort, so that power assist is not needed.

Vacuum assisted power braking system has diagonal dual lines for additional safety and features front discs and rear drums.

Brake system warning light is provided for "Parking Brake ON" and
"Low Brake Fluid" conditions.

Front Brake Pad lining thickness can be easily inspected without removal of the Alloy Wheels.

Single two-speed windshield wiper and windshield washer are easily operated with steering column-mounted lever.

Levels of Motor Oil, Transmission Oil, Coolant and Washer Fluid can be easily checked.

Battery is easily accessed, if replacement is needed.

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OKA RACE (Rally)


Other Features (Rally versions)

H4 Rally Racing Headlights with Electronic Servo Adjustment of angle of beam while driving (Driver Adjustable)

Fire Extinguisher mounted under Driver seat

Full size spare tire & alloy wheel

Rear Glass Electric Defroster

Rear Window Washer and Wiper

Hi-Intensity Rear Fog Light

Side Markers and Reflex Reflectors FRONT & REAR

Front Marker/Turn Signal Combination Lights

Navigator Seat is "standard"

Cabin Heater and Ventilation Fan



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OKA RACE (Slalom)

Overall Length 3200 mm 10 feet 6 inches
Body Width 1420 mm 56 inches
Overall Height 1400 mm 55 inches
Wheel Base 2180 mm 86 inches
Track Front: 1210 mm 47.6 inches
Track Rear: 1200 mm 47.2 inches
Road Clearance 170 mm 6.6 inches
Maximum Speeds:    
Full Load Level Road 125 km/h 77 MPH
Driver & One Passenger 130 km/h 80 MPH
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating 990 kg 2178 lb.
Vehicle Weight 675 Kg 1485 lb.
Maximum Load Capacity 300 Kg 660 lb.
Minimal Turning Radius 4.6 m 15 feet
Fuel Tank Capacity 30 liters 7.9 U.S Gallons
Tires 135/80R12  
Max Fuel Consumption,
Full Load in 4th gear
3.2 liter @ 60 km/h 73 MPG @ 37 MPH
  4.5 liter @ 90 km/h 52 MPG @ 55 MPH
Urban Cycle (Euro) 6.0 liter 39 MPG
Gear Box 4 Forward Gears + 1 Reverse  
Number of Seats 2 Front  
Model VAZ-11113  
Type 4-stroke, spark ignition, gasoline  
Number and position of Cylinders 2, in line, vertical  
Bore and Stroke 82.0x71.0 mm 3.22 x 2.795 inches
Displacement 749 ccm 45.7 cubic inches
Nominal Output 24.3 kW 33.0 Hp

Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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OKA RACE (Slalom)

Description Price
OKA RACE (Slalom) $4,990
OKA RACE (Rally) $6,000
OKA RACE (Pro - Rally) $9,000
TOW Trailer for OKA RACE $1,275
TOW Trailer for OKA RACE with Electric Brakes $1,450
Spare Wheel & Tire option for TOW Trailer $100
Electric Winch option for TOW Trailer $150
OKA Racing Suit (Fire Retardant Fabric) $200
OKA Road Racing Helmet (Snell Approved) $300

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OKA RACE on TOW Trailer

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OKA RACE (Pro-Rally)

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