What's the MPG ?

Some people think, this is a trick question, when asking that about an electric powered vehicle, such as OKA NEV ZEV, but there is an answer !

This is based on: “equivalent fuel economy

OKA NEV ZEV uses between 200 and 220 watt-hour of electric energy from the standard 110V AC wall outlet for each mile driven on a typical “neighborhood driving cycle”, or about 210 W-h on average.

• Gasoline contains 33,700 watt-hour of energy per one US gallon.

• Therefore, an internal combustion engine powered vehicle would have to have a fuel economy of 33,700 watt-hours/gallon divided by 210 watt-hour/mile = 160 mpg
to have the same energy efficiency as a OKA NEV ZEV

So the answer is 160 MPGe !!!

What's the Cost per Mile ?

OKA NEV ZEV is powered by Electric Motor which uses electric energy that is stored in rechargeable batteries.

The power that is needed to drive OKA NEV ZEV for one mile is typically about 220 Watt-hour. This energy calculation includes the losses incurred in battery charging.

Electric Energy is measured by your local utility in kWh = Kilo-Watt-hour, which is 1,000 Watt-hours.

Typical cost of kWh in USA ranges from 5 cents to 12 cents. 8 cents is currently the National Average, but in most Major cities the average is 10 cents per kWh.

The current cost of Electric Power from DWP in Los Angeles, California is 9.09 cents per kWh.

If the 1,000 Watt-hour costs you 9.09 cents and OKA NEV ZEV uses 220 Watt-hour per mile then the cost per mile is (9.09/1,000*220) =

2 cents per mile

How much money can you save ?

If you use OKA NEV ZEV for all your local Neighborhood driving, then you will not only save on fuel costs but also on reduced maintenance for your "other" gasoline or diesel powered vehicle.

Of course the more you drive the more you will save, but also consider this:

The longer you wait at traffic lights or in stop-and-go traffic, the more fuel you use in a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle !

When the vehicle is standing still with engine running it is getting ZERO MPG !!!

The more dense the traffic conditions are, and the slower the actual traffic flow is, the lower the resulting MPG will be.

Typical actual average speed of traffic flow in most cities is only 17.3 MPH !!!

Most gasoline fueled vehicles deliver the greatest fuel economy at steady 45 MPH !

At higher speeds the wind resistance or coefficient of drag becomes significant thus lower MPG is the result - you will use far more fuel to drive the same distance at 70 MPH than at 45 MPH.

However you will also use much more fuel to drive the same distance in slow moving stop-and-go traffic than at steady 45 MPH.

At slower speeds the pumping losses and heat losses of the internal combustion engine reduce the fuel economy - and remember at ZERO MPH you get ZERO MPG !!!

By contrast Electric powered vehicle like OKA NEV ZEV uses energy ONLY when it is driven, it does not use any traction energy when it is standing still at a traffic light waiting for green.

Most vehicles that are replaced by OKA NEV ZEV for local driving only average less than 20 MPG in such service, this translates to cost per mile in range of 12 to 19 cents per mile.

As we have calculated above the cost of driving OKA NEV ZEV is about 2 cents per mile, so on the average if all your local driving needs are satisfied with OKA NEV ZEV then you can save about $500 to $600 annually.

When other maintenance and tear and wear cost are included ( such as tires, brakes, oil and filter changes ) then when compared to the very low wear rates and low cost of spare parts for OKA NEV ZEV you will easily save another $400 to $600 annually.

When all expenses for your current vehicle are compared, OKA NEV ZEV will on the average generate -

Saving of about $1,000 per year !

Calculate your fuel saving with OKA NEV ZEV

Photo of OKA NEV ZEV

OKA NEV ZEV saves you money every time you DO NOT fill up!

At today's high fuel prices OKA NEV ZEV electric vehicle that gets over 5 MPKwh (miles per Kilowatt-hour)
will cost you much less to operate each year than any Gasoline or Diesel fueled vehicle.

Over a period of 5 years, the OKA NEV ZEV electric vehicle will save you thousands of dollars !!!

Want to know how much ?

Just fill in the values in the calculator below!

Calculate Fuel Costs & Compare Savings
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*Some values are already entered for convenience;
you can change them as needed.

You can find fuel cost information for specific makes and models in the Find a Car section on www.fueleconomy.gov website.

For detailed page about the benefits of Electric Vehicles (EV) go to: http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/evtech.shtml

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